I made a character sheet with some changes to help new players. D&D 5e Character Sheet

While trying to come up with encounters as a new DM. I came across Don Jon's monster list which was great to let me see what monsters were in what environment so I could say "show me all the CR 0-1 creatures in the Forest environment" Thanks to Don Jon for entering the environments.

However, I wanted to be able to print the data so I made my own version. Most of the monsters are available under the open5e license so I downloaded them and extracted the data from the reStructuredText files. I noticed Don Jon had missed some things so mine is a bit more complete. Also, my version is a self contained file. Just do "save page as" and keep the data for when you're offline.

Just click on the monsters to show their details and then print the page. Handy for DMs who need that info. The monsters which we don't have access to the data for are highlighted grey. One day I'll probably fill that data for my personal version but I don't think I can host that data legally.

Now I also noticed a lot of environment data hasn't been entered yet and I don't know what most of these monsters even are so I'm hoping you can help contribute to the data. I made a webpage where you can go and checkoff the environments for the monsters that are missing data. I'll compile the results and update the list. Note that by default it's hiding monsters that already have at least one environment selected but you can uncheck the box at the top and add to those too.

My 5e Monster List